More and more seniors are switching to fiber internet.

Learn more about the benefits and independence fiber internet can deliver.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is a high-speed, ultra-reliable internet connection that uses thin glass or plastic fibers to transmit data as light signals. It offers lightning-fast download and upload speeds, low latency, and is highly resistant to interference. This technology is known for providing a seamless and simplier online experience for both residential and business users.

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Benefits of Fiber Internet for Seniors


Fiber-optic cables are less susceptible to interference from electrical and radio frequencies, making fiber internet highly reliable. It is less prone to outages or slowdowns, even during peak usage times.


Streaming platforms provide a vast library of on-demand content and gaming content. Viewers can choose from a wide range of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original series. This variety of choices allows individuals to explore different genres and discover new content that suits their preferences.


Fiber supports the growing ecosystem of smart home devices, allowing seniors to enhance safety and convenience through devices like smart thermostats, security cameras, and voice-activated assistants.


With the rise of telehealth services, seniors can access medical care from the comfort of their homes using high-quality video conferencing. Fiber internet ensures clear and uninterrupted communication with healthcare providers.

Additional benefits for seniors:

  • Video Calls: Fiber enables seamless video calls with loved ones, reducing feelings of isolation and improving social connections, especially important for seniors who may have limited mobility or live far from family members.
  • Information Access: Seniors can stay informed by easily accessing news websites, online magazines, and educational resources, fostering lifelong learning and mental agility.
  • Digital Literacy: Fiber internet can facilitate seniors' engagement with digital technologies, helping them learn new skills, connect with peers, and participate in online communities and forums.
  • Online Shopping: Seniors can shop online, which can be particularly helpful for those with mobility challenges or during times when it's difficult to visit physical stores.
  • Reduced Travel: High-quality video conferencing via fiber can reduce the need for seniors to travel for social visits or appointments, saving time and energy.

How to sign up.

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Fiber internet empowers seniors by providing fast, reliable connectivity that enhances their online experiences, fosters social connections, and improves their overall quality of life and independence, while also supporting their healthcare and information needs.