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Residential High-Speed Internet Services

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Standard Packages

Aurora 100
100 Mbps Download /100 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data | No Data Caps
FREE Installation
Aurora 500
500 Mbps Download /500 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data | No Data Caps
FREE Installation
Aurora 1000
1000 Mbps (1Gig) Download /1000 Mbps (1 Gig) Upload
Unlimited Data | No Data Caps
FREE Installation

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Each Fiber Internet Package Includes:

✓ Unlimited data

✓ Free, cutting-edge Wi-Fi coverage

✓ Baseline support with the Northern WiFi App1

✓Free installation when you sign up with the Fairview Experience Promotion*

✓ Free equipment with two-year contract

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Pricing Reflects 2-Year Terms


The Entry Promotion

✓ Unlocks ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ

✓ Protect the devices and people in your home 



Fiber Talk

✓ Home Phone with Canada-wide calling

✓ Unlocks ExperienceIQ


Fairview Experience

✓ Unlocks ProtectIQ 

✓Unlocks ExperienceIQ

✓  Whole-Home WiFi -  guaranteed best in-home coverage, the ultimate WiFi connection.

✓ Perfect for any size of home, multiple connected devices and avid internet users 

✓ Home Phone with Canada-wide calling

✓Includes free installation

Individual Upgrades

Take Control of Your Online Experience

WiFi6 Mesh Extender
Extend your Wi-Fi signal and deliver high-speed internet to more areas of your home.
 Protect your devices from viruses, block malicious sites, and keep sensitive info secure from cyber criminals.
  Set time limits, filter apps and websites, monitor household/family online usage, and more.

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The Northern WiFi App helps you take command of your online experience. In-app speed tests, easy network controls, basic parental controls, and an Experience Promo warranty for on-site repairs are included. Enhanced parental control and security control are optional upgrades in the app.