In today’s global economy, every minute and every dollar counts for small businesses. Whether you’re logging on for a videoconference with a prospect or running an ecommerce business, you’ll need fast, reliable internet to get the job done.

At Northern Lights Fiber, we deliver the very best internet available to small and midsize businesses in our communities over our advanced fiber network. With speeds exceeding 1 gig, our fiber has all the power your business needs to keep up!

Read below for the top four reasons why Alberta’s local businesses need fiber, and learn how we can help your business get ahead!

1. Keeping Consistent Contact with Customers

Customers today are accustomed to remaining in touch with their favorite brands at all hours of the day. Whether through appealing websites, well-crafted marketing emails, pithy social media and blog posts, or other forms of consumer outreach, the internet keeps the channels of communication open 24/7.

But a strong internet connection is essential. Everything from point-of-sale payments (POS transactions), to VoIP phone services, to digital marketing requires a reliable connection, and nothing is more reliable than fiber.

Utilizing glass strands that transmit data at nearly the speed of light, fiber keeps you connected to your customers better than any other form of internet. Fiber optic internet is both super strong and surprisingly flexible, so it’s less susceptible to interruptions due to bad weather.

And since every business we serve gets a dedicated line, you don’t have to worry about your connection slowing down during peak usage hours!

2. Video Conference Calling and Virtual Meetings Without Distortion or Interruption

One of the most truly special aspects of high-speed internet is its ability to let people converse face-to-face through video conferencing.  Video meetings keep remote teams better connected while also making it easier to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

With fiber’s unmatched upload speeds, download speeds, and bandwidth capacity, you can rest assured that your video calls will be pristine and distortion-free—so you can stop worrying about your connection and start focusing on the job at hand!

3. Handling Multiple Applications and Users Simultaneously

Of course, many small businesses have staff that use a single common server to connect all their devices for all of their projects and output. Laptops, tablets, smart devices, and even cell phones have the advantage of making employees more productive—but they can also strain networks and slow down the internet for the whole business when it’s crunch time.

Fiber’s enormous bandwidth and 1 gig download speeds provides your business with the capabilities to meet the needs of multiple users and all their various tasks at one time. With our services, you can have one team member uploading large files, another on a Zoom call, and another livestreaming on social media without any slowdowns or delays!

4. Staying on Top of Market Trends and Other Critical Information

What happens around the country and the world can impact our local businesses and their bottom lines. From the constantly fluctuating price of oil and other commodities, to supply chain bottlenecks, to major industry and trade innovations, up-to-the-minute information is crucial to any business’s success.

Having reliable internet for your business means you don’t need to worry about missing out on the latest market trends and other invaluable data. Fiber’s exceptionally high speeds and voluminous bandwidth let you stay on task while monitoring key market information in real time, keeping you competitive no matter where you operate your business.

Why Northern Lights Fiber?

Here are a few important elements to consider when choosing an internet service provider for your business.

1. We are hyper-local. This means we are completely committed to the communities we serve by participating in the local business environment, supporting the community and celebrating the long-held traditions and culture of this place.

2. We are community accelerators. We make the investment. We empower residents with the awesome power of connectivity. We empower businesses with the technology to create relationships with their customers – from small and local with seemingly simple needs to large and multi-national with complex networking and technical needs that require custom approaches. And we do so to deliver connections – for business and pleasure – to what matters most.

3. We are future-proofing connectivity. We have designed a network of wires and technology that has been dubbed future-proof – built with 100% fiber optics. This network, which can be continually upgraded over time, has all the capacity and performance to exceed your expectations and demands.

4. More than just fast speeds. We also understand there are things more important than the technology-based aspects of our network. Which is why we are customer-first and customer focused; always fast to provide the service that ensures your internet experience always exceeds expectations.

This is what makes us unique – our focus on delivering reliable, rural connections that empower communities – which allows us to work toward our mission to connect all with reach. And, by the way, your business is well within reach.

Depending on the specific needs of your operation, our business package or commercial solution can be great options. Each solution has options to help your business operate more efficiently. For a free consultation and to learn more, reach out to our business services team at 888-236-2947, or email Our customer service representatives can answer any questions you may have about our fiber network and what it can do to make your business more productive, efficient and profitable. And be sure to learn more about our advanced fiber network by following Northern Lights Fiber’s social pages!